Support for the film industry

In addition to developing ministerial programs for culture makers and artists, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Poland has made legal changes being introduced that are beneficial to cultural communities. One example of such support during a pandemic is the support dedicated to the film industry.



Change in the definition of a film work

The first and a very important change is the change in the definition of a film work. As due to pandemic it was not possible to display movies in cinemas, the Minister of Culture introduced a change in regulations thanks to which also audiovisual productions which will not have cinema premieres but will move to digital platforms /VOD/ will be able to apply for subsidies from the Polish Film Institute.

This change is significant due to the possibility of settling subsidies from the Polish Film Institute by film producers.

Amendments to the Act on of 9 November 2018 on financial support for audiovisual production

These changes made the deadlines for submitting applications for financial support for audiovisual productions and deadline for submitting documents during the procedure of granting support more flexible. The changes are aimed at maximum facilitation of obtaining financial support and include:

  • extending the period of application for financial support
  • entitlement of the Polish Film Institute’ director to decide whether other documents can be sufficient to assess the application when it is impossible to attach to the application the documents indicated in the Act
  • if the assessment of the cost estimate by the Polish Film Institute indicates the inadequacy of cost items in relation to the implementation assumptions and the scenario, the Institute may provide the applicant with the comments on the cost estimate together with a written justification, and call the applicant to submit the modified cost estimate within a period not exceeding 60 days
  • extention of the deadline for concluding the contract for financial support

Contribution from VOD broadcasters for film production

The Anti-Crisis Shield also introduced a 1.5% revenue premium collected from VOD broadcasters for the Polish Film Institute. This contribution is included in the pool of funds that is allocated to projects in the field of cinematography, primarily for film production. It does not burden the end user, which is the portal viewer, but the entity that provides the VOD service.

Scholarships for filmmakers

In addition, as a result of the work of the cinematography crisis team, the Director of the Polish Film Institute (supervised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage) in cooperation with the Polish Filmmakers Association, the Polish Film Academy, the Guild of Polish Film Directors and the Association of Artists for the Polish Republic established a program to support film -related professions. As part of the program, filmmakers and representatives of all film-related professions who, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, found themselves in a difficult financial situation, can apply for scholarships. The scholarship amount is PLN 2,400 gross, and one can apply for support once a quarter. The scholarship commission include representatives of the most important film industry organizations in Poland.

So far, scholarships totaling 1,123 mln zł (0,25 mln EUR) were awarded.