Start-ups. Praise and what’s next? How to effectively implement innovative ideas of small entrepreneurs on a national scale?

During the 4th Industry Forum in Karpacz, the whole spectrum of topics related to the latest trends that can be observed on global markets will be discussed. A very popular, though not the youngest, trend is the start-up, which was established in Poland a few years ago and thanks to which our economy has been enriched by dozens of innovative companies from all possible sectors of the economy.

The high value of start-ups in relation to the implementation of innovative ideas is undeniable. Small businesses are full of ideas that can positively improve the quality of life at the national level – for example, improving the system of tax returns, online payments or improving healthcare information systems. How to identify and then support small businesses so that their solutions are effectively implemented at the state level? How can the government effectively learn from start-ups?

You will find answers to these and many other questions related to start-ups and their development on December 12-14 during the Industry Forum in Karpacz. You’re welcome!