Sea ports as the key point for industrial development

During the 4th Industry Forum, which will take place in Karpacz on December 12-14, one of the topics in the discussion panels will be the role of sea ports in nowadays European transport network and their importance for the development of industry.

Transport of manufactured goods is an important element in the development of the domestic industry. Ports are very often the key points on the export and import route. They are not only important communication hubs, but also places for loading and unloading goods. It is thanks to the ports, which are a kind of gateway to the world for the domestic industry, products manufactured in a given country have a chance to conquer foreign markets.

Are ports still playing a key role in today’s world of an extensive network of air and road transport connections? How to use the advantages of ports to develop the industry? The participants of this panel will try to answer these and other questions.