Schengen Area in Face of Migrant Crisis – the End of Europe Without Borders?

Is that over or new beginning of Schengen Area?

Schengen Area is one of the most important achievements of European integration. A huge wave of refugees, which in last few years has come to Europe, has disturbed the Schengen area stability and has threatened the integration process. The uncontrolled flood of immigrants has divided EU countries and was a direct cause of growth of euroscepticism within the member states. Many countries are restoring their border controls and calling for loosening the treaty. A lack of agreement between member states regarding the migration policy is related to increased border controls at the initial stage of a crisis, but if the European Union does not take any mutual actions, it may lead to the division of the Schengen Area,

Can Schengen zone collapse over migrant crisis? Or maybe the crisis will be the incentive to increase the cooperation in strengthening EU’s external borders?

During the 28th Economic Forum the following guests will try to answer these questions:

Franz Wolf, Director, Austrian Integration Fund, Austria

Mihaly Balla, Deputy Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, National Assembly, Hungary

Andrija Nikolić, Chairman of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants, National Assembly, Montenegro

Ruth Ferrero-Turrión, Professor, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain