Risk taken out of passion. Creator of the Hip Hop Kemp will be a guest of the European Congress of Local Governments

The European Congress of Local Governments attracts not only representatives of cities or voivodships, but also people who significantly influence the atmosphere of local centres. One such person is Radek Maliník, head of the Festivalpark Production event agency and founder of the Hip Hop Kemp festival in Hradec Králové.

This year Hip Hop Kemp will celebrate its adulthood – in mid-August there will be the 18th edition of the event, several times classified as one of the 50 best festivals in the world by CNN. Its creator will take part in the ECG’s debate The Recipe of the Festival Cities for the Tremendous Success, a panel on the phenomenon of cities that have become an international tourist attraction thanks to the organised festivals.

In addition, in the discussion will take part, among others: Filipe Faria – Director of Arte das Musas in Portugal, Adam Pawlicki – Mayor of Jarocin, Andrzej Knut – Mayor of Kostrzyn nad Odrą and Esben Danielsen – General Director of The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities  and Director for Development of Roskilde Festival.

Radek Maliník has been organising music events since he was 16, that is half of his life. Since then, he has managed to arrange several hundred concerts. Only a few dozen of them really earned money for themselves, so that Radek could invest in the rest of the events – technically, the most of them. Two additional companies that belong to the organiser: Phestio, which improves the cashless payment system during the events, and Netera Systems, which enables mobile payments, also prove Radek’s full involvement in his activity.

Radek Maliník’s Festivalpark occupies 35 hectares of the military airport in Hradec Králové. In order to develop this space, build the appropriate infrastructure, supply electricity, water and bring roads, Radek had to invest over 20 million CZK. The money started to pay back only a few years ago.

The most important and recognisable event created by Radek Maliník is Hip Hop Kemp, the largest hip-hop festival in Central and Eastern Europe, which annually attracts thousands of rap fans from all over the world, especially from our region. During the event you can listen not only to concerts of popular rappers from the United States, Canada, Germany, Poland, Slovakia or the Czech Republic, but also observe graffiti artists in the process of creation, watch battles of breakdance dancers, freestyle battles or take part in beatbox workshops.

It should be emphasized that the festival is very popular among Poles – the organisers not only notice it, but also appreciate the Polish hip-hop scene, so at HHK we have opportunity to encounter a large domestic artistic representation. The festival website is also available in Polish version, so we can almost feel at home.