Reuters Breakingviews joins The Krynica Economic Forum as its media partner

We are pleased to announce a media partnership with Reuters Breakingviews for The Krynica Economic Forum.



Reuters Breakingviews is a brand of Reuters News that delivers agenda-setting financial insight across the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. A global team of about 30 correspondents provides expert analysis in real time. Rather than just crunching the numbers, they also think through the ramifications of events, and deliver innovative and hard-hitting perspectives.

  • Views you can use: Breakingviews regularly anticipates market and stock movements. Our writers always make a call.
  • Intelligence and independence: Breakingviews doesn’t tell you what’s happening; instead we explain why, providing genuine insight and provoking fresh ideas.
  • Speed of thought: Breakingviews reacts to stories as they develop. We give you a considered view in near real-time – faster than mainstream media.
  • Skeptical and provocative ideas: Breakingviews writers are free to take their own line. Often contrarian, they have license to be sharp and controversial – where the view demands it.

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