Regions at the crossroad. How to find new cha(lle)nges?

Social and economic changes have forced many regions to change their primary role and focus. The transition, which has been often stimulated by state and its aid programmes, has changed the demographic and industrial picture of the area.  Changes have brought new role, usually different from the old fame and consequently new economic and technological challenges and opportunities.

Many regions, including ours, have found themselves at the crossroad when it comes to new development directions, opportunities and challenges. The reasons were different, but usually of economic connotation. Furthermore, the regions that have been experiencing the process of transition have been forced to accept changes on different levels. Not only economic, but also the way of thinking. One has to become aware that an old era has ended and a new one is yet to come.

State, stakeholders and municipalities usually offer different support in a shape of different aid programmes, trainings, lessons or even action plans and projects. These usually enable a resurrection of the area, at least at the very first step. Additionally, funds and consequently construction projects are not enough to change the role and focus of the region. Also, a new awareness and fostering the creative ideas are the path to change the physical and mental appearance of the area.

Upper description also fits into the mission and role of Zasavje Regional Development Agency. It was established just two years ago, but in the meantime, it has become in charge of implementation of Regional guarantee scheme Zasavje, Regional scholarship scheme and instruments for the Programme for Problem area Hrastnik, Radeče, Trbovlje, which represents the pillar programmes, when it comes to financial injections for providing funds, money and subsequently fresh creative ideas.

RDA Zasavje fosters connections among regional key stakeholders and offers help and necessary information to regional enterprises, civil society and other organizations from different fields. Our qualified and motivated team of employees encourages networking, the development of partnership networking, the development of partnership networks for the sustainable development of the Zasavje region and connects with both domestic and foreign partner organizations in the framework of the EU cohesion policy and EU territorial cooperation.