Regional military cooperation as a tool to strengthen security

Russian aggression in Ukraine in 2014 and the military crisis on the US-Iran line at the beginning of 2020 have clearly shown that in order to strengthen one’s own security it is necessary to strengthen military cooperation with its allies in the region. What are the most effective ways to strengthen such cooperation and which should be avoided if you want to take care of your safety?

During the 13th Europe-Ukraine Forum panelists will talk about various dimensions of regional military cooperation and other alternative ways to ensure security for themselves and their neighbors.

“Strength in the group” – this old proverb seems to be immortal, especially in matters related to national defense and security. As in the Middle Ages and world wars, today too, countries are strengthening military cooperation with their regional neighbors to increase defense capabilities against aggressive neighbors. Joint exercises, mixed divisions, foreign contingents – does their existence have a real impact on national security?

The discussion will be moderated by: Anton Mikhnenko – editor-in-chief of the Defense Express portal and magazine from Ukraine. Regional military cooperation will be discussed by: Marcin Wisniewski – President of the Management Board of Centrum Techniki Morska S.A, Dmytro Chupryna – Deputy Director of the Investigation Portal Airwars from Great Britain and Tengiz Pchaladze – Advisor to the President of Georgia on International Affairs. We invite you to participate in the discussion!