Reforms in Ukraine one of the topics of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow

Public support for reforms and the European choice has not been given once and for all. Despite visible progress, the reform process faces persistent obstacles. The authorities operate under the constant pressure of their own society and foreign partners. What is needed is a careful analysis of the delays’ reasons. Although established rules and procedures defining the nature of the relationship between the EU and Ukraine – thanks to the Association Agreement – started to work, it failed to accelerate alignment with European solutions.

Do reforms in Ukraine regard only Ukraine or also other European countries? How can the EU member states support Ukraine in the difficult process of transformation? Is the association agreement helpful in accelerating reforms? The participants in the debate “A Challenge for Europe, a Task for Ukraine. Reforms in Ukraine – In Search of a Breakthrough” that will be part of the 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow will try to answer the above questions.

The following speakers will provide their insights and further discuss the topic: Andrius Kubilius, Former Prime Minister, Member, Leader of the Opposition, Seimas, Lithuania; Anatolii Maksiuta, Advisory Board Member, Institute for Social and Economic Studies, Ukraine; Hanne Severinsen, Member of Danish Parliament (1984-2007), Project Manager, The Danish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Denmark; Krzysztof Stanowski, President of the Board, Solidarity Fund PL, Poland; Peter Wagner, Head, Support Group for Ukraine, European Commission, Germany; Wieslaw Janczyk, Secretary of State, Ministry of Finance, Poland and international experts: Marc Berenson, Senior Lecturer at the King’s Russia Institute, King’s College London, United Kingdom and Francisco De Borja Lasheras, Director of ECFR Madrid Office, The European Council on Foreign Relations, Spain. The debate will be moderated by Piotr Pogorzelski, Journalist, Polish Radio, Poland.