Railway Transport Develops in Lower Silesia

The Lower Silesian Railways is one of the most dynamically developing railway undertaking in Poland. The next step in the development of the company and active in the fight against transport exclusion in the region are recently signed contracts for the supply of modern rolling stock, which will increase the company’s fleet in the next two years.

In September and October, contracts for new rolling stock delivery were singed for the total amount of over 255 million PLN (net). As a result, the company’s fleet will be increased by 5 electric five-module train composition and 6 three-module hybrid train vehicles. The purchase of these trains has been supported by the Centre for EU Transport Projects, which has allocated 85 million zlotys for this purpose under the EU Operational Infrastructure and Environment Program.

Six hybrid vehicles – Impuls II – will be produced by Newag and first of the trains will most probably come to Lower Silesia for vacations. They will be fast, comfortable, modern and ecological. The value of six electric-combustion engine is almost 170 million PLN gross. The tender procedure concerned two train vehicles with additional purchase option for another six vehicles. We took advantage of the option by purchasing additional 4 trains.

The hybrid Impuls II for the Lower Silesian Railways are three-part, comfortable trains adapted to serve people with reduced mobility. About 315 passengers will be able to travel comfortable in each of them. The trains will be equipped with air conditioning and wireless. The maximum speed of the vehicles in electric traction – 160 km/h and in diesel 120 km/h. This is an excellent solution for use on routes that are not fully electrified.

The new trains will travel on the Trzebnica- Wrocław- Sobótka- Świdnica route, where they will be able to use their dual-system drive. The railway line 285 between Wrocław, Sobótka and Świdnica is being revitalized.  Revitalization will allow returning regular rail passenger services on this route after almost 20 years.

Besides hybrid Impuls II, 5 electric five-module Elf 2 produced by PESA will supply the fleet. The contract values is 145 million PLN. For the duration of the project, they will be dedicated to serve the Wrocław Functional Area and will operate connections on two lines: Oleśnica- Wrocław Główny- Siechnice- Jelcz-Laskowice and Wrocław Główny- Wrocław Wojnów- Jelcz-Laskowice.

The latest generation ELF 2 electric multiple units have 5 units with 8 pairs of doors per vehicle side. The interior will be made in an agglomeration version. The operating speed of the vehicles is 160 km/h.

As a regional railway undertaking we treat each of our investment movement as an investment for the benefit of the province and its habitants. In our company we are already preparing operational plants for handling an acquired lines by Marshal’s Office of Lower Silesia. We are also looking for sources of funding for 20 additional Elf 2 trains, which we can order from the option – says Damian Stawikowski, CEO of the Lower Silesian Railways.