President Andrzej Duda at The Economic Forum in Georgia!

Presidents: Grigori Margwelaszwili, Andrzej Duda and Andrej Kiska, and the Prime Minister of Georgia, Griorgi Kwirikaszwili, will meet at the Economic Forum in Tbilisi. The metting will be held on May 25-26.

fot.: Presidents of Poland and Georgia during Economic Forum in Krynica, 2017

The hosts expect about 250 important guests who will represent the economic sector, authorities: executive, legislative and local government, experts and journalists from the European Union, the South Caucasus, Iran and Central Asia. Discussions will be conducted in two ways – political and economic.

The most important topics that will be raised during the Forum:

• The association of Georgia with the European Union – opportunities and challenges DCFTA, what next?

• Round table: Challenges for regional security and the Euro-Atlantic goals of Georgia

• Running a business in Georgia: pros and cons

• Energetic security challenges in the countries of the European Union and the Eastern Partnership

• Georgia and the area of ​​the South Caucasus with a prospective transit area

• Poland and Georgia in the international arena 100 years after regain independence

Forum in Tbilisi is not only talks about the most important issues concerning macroeconomics, energy and the vision of the South Caucasus in the coming decades. It is also a rich cultural program with visiting the Old Town in the capital of Georgia and a trip to one of the oldest cities in this country – Mtskheta. The historical capital of the country and the cradle of the Georgian nation, whose monuments are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The honorary patronage over the event is held by the president of Georgia Griorgi Margwelaszwili. The organizers are – The Institute for Eastern Studies, The Organizer of the Economic Forum in Krynica and the Georgian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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