Polish Press Review

„Puls Biznesu”

Small stock market players like well-known brands. Over the last four months, the stock market increased by over 50,000 individual investors. Such investors are most willing to invest in shares of large companies, f.e. PKO BP, Pekao, CCC or PKN Orlen.



The government has introduced new VAT rates. A new tax matrix came into force on the 1st of July. According to the Ministry of Finance, the introduced solutions will facilitate the classification of goods. For example, a single bread tax was introduced (so far three different ones – depending on the date of use or fat content). Lower VAT – 5 percent – will cover fruit, soups and some products for children. The tax on luxury goods, e.g. seafood, was increased (to 23%).


„Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”

An instrument whose continued validity should be considered is supporting benefit and reduced working hours with an additional payment from the government, said in an interview Paweł Borys, president of the Polish Development Fund. The bottom of the recession was reached in the second half of April. The outlook for the Polish economy has been improving in recent weeks. The anti-crisis and financial shields were implemented on time and on an adequate, significant scale of PLN 100 billion within 100 days.



Only until the end of June companies can submit applications for exemption from ZUS contributions as part of the anti-crisis shield. Thus, one of the most popular aid instruments for enterprises affected by a pandemic has run out. In total, about 1.4 million entities used it, thanks to which PLN 10.1 billion (EUR 2.26 billion) remained in their pockets.



„Digitalization in health care is a process in which new functionalities are gradually facilitating Poles’ access to health care. A few years after the introduction of the first e-services, it is difficult to imagine life without their support. And it is thanks to progress in e-health that we still can manage in difficult times of pandemics”, says Janusz Cieszyński, Deputy Minister of Health Responsible for Digitization. Health online is a whole package of services linked to an Internet Patient Account.


„Gazeta Polska”

“In the first years after 1996, as much as 100 percentof the imported gas was from Russia. And now we import about 60 percent from there. The Russian side imposed on us unfavorable delivery conditions, because the price of gas we paid to Gazprom was one of the highest in the world. This was our argument before the Arbitration Court”, says Jerzy Kwieciński, president of PGNiG SA. As a result of the verdict of the Arbitration Court in Stockholm, Gazprom will refund Poland $ 1.5 billion.