NGOs Forum


2nd NGOs Forum 

(During the 20th Economic Forum in Krynica, 8th-10th September 2010)

Non governmental organizations have become more and more important participants in social life. Thanks to support from the European Union, development of the third sector has become more dynamic in member states. During the NGO Forum, specialists from Europe and Asia will try to answer questions concerning influence of the Lisbon Treaty on third sector’s development, the future of non-governmental organization in Eastern Europe and the image of NGOs in transformation countries. Moreover, we will organize panels related to the issues connected with statutory operation of certain non-governmental organizations: Federation of Third Age Universities will organize discussion about ageing society and MANKO association – about the effect of introducing non-smoking policies. Moreover, an exhibition will be organized to present current activity of selected NGOs. The aim of this meeting is to prepare platform for cooperation between politics, business and the third sector.  The organizer of the NGO Forum is Eastern Institute. The main partner of the project will be Polish-American Freedom Foundation.


Already the second edition of the NGO Forum will be organized on 8-10 September 2010 in Krynica Zdrój within the scope of XX Economic Forum. During this year’s NGO Forum, specialists from Europe and Asia will try to answer, among other things, the questions about: 
- influence of the Lisbon Treaty on development of the third sector (will European Citizens’ Initiative remain dead letter or become a method for energizing the society and strengthen participatory democracy? In what way will introduction of Lisbon standards into practice influence local NGOs? What are perspectives for development of non-government organizations under the rule of the Lisbon Treaty in the nearest decade?), 
- the role and future of non-government organizations in Eastern Europe (what are currently eastern non-governmental organizations? How their existence is perceived by the state and the society? What is their social role? What actions should be taken to strengthen and establish the position of eastern NGOs? ) 
- the image of NGOs in transformation countries (what is the relation between the social image of non-governmental organizations and success of their actions for the benefit of socio-economic changes in Central and Eastern European countries? What is social perception of non-governmental organizations? Why is it like this? Do NGOs build it intentionally?).

In addition, the NGOs Forum will cover the issues of the status of NGOs in CIS countries, funding and co-operation at various levels in different countries around the world. Special workshops devoted to fundraising and public relations in will also be organized.  This year’s NGOs Forum will be held for the second time. After a positive reception from the participants of previous edition, we have extended the scope of the themes. We want the NGOs Forum to become a platform for cooperation and exchange between organizations of different sizes and ranges of activities. 
The NGOs Forum will comprise 6 panel discussions and some workshops conducted by specialists in shaping the image of non-governmental organizations and fundraising. 

 Draft programme of the NGOs Forum: 

 Day I: 8th September 2010

 The opening panel discussion: 
 “The Lisbon Treaty and the development of NGOs'”

 Day II: 9th September 2010 

 Two panel discussions; 
 Workshops – Acquisition of funds from external sources 

 Day III: 10th September 2010 

 Three panels; 
 Workshops – PR NGO and co-operation with business