Mrs. Ana Birchall – Romanian Vice Prime Minister will take part in the upcoming, 28th edition of the Economic Forum in Krynica

Romania will be strongly represented during this year’s Economic Forum in Krynica. Also thanks to Deputy Prime Minister of Any Birchall.

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Mrs. Birchall’s name is known to all who are interested in European affairs. Between 2015 and 2016 she served as Chair of the Committee on European Affairs in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies. In the years 2014-2015 she was the High Representative of the Prime Minister of Romania for European Affairs and Partnership with the USA. From January to June 2017, she managed the European Affairs in Romania as a delegated minister.

Ph.D. in law at Yale University, she has previously worked with large law firms in the US and Romania.

Since January 2017 Mrs Birchall has been serving as a vice prime minister in the cabinet of Viorica Dancila, being responsible for strategic partnership‘ implementation.

Vice Prime Minister Birchall wissl take part in the plenary session Between Economy and Politics- In Search of Recipes for Economic Growth.