Economic problems signal changes for Poland

Growing problems of the biggest Central European economy change the way of thinking of Polish state officials, financial supervision bodies and monetary policy bodies. How to improve economic growth at the expense of earlier intentions to reduce budget deficit and public debt?  “One of Polish specialties is to balance between economic growth and discipline. The most important thing is to approach this matter in a rational way because the current economic situation is unpredictable” – said during the Economic Forum in Krynica, Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, former Prime Minister, currently a leading economic adviser to Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The Forum in Krynica about acquisition of Alior Bank by PZU

PZU, the biggest Polish insurer, holds talks aimed at purchase of Alior Bank S.A. “Talks are under way with private funds regarding purchase of shares in Alior Bank. If we decide to invest, it will be a minority stake” – announced during the Economic Forum in Krynica Andrzej Klesyk, President of the Management Board of PZU S.A. >>> 

The crisis shows less courageous Europe

The debt crisis has demonstrated a new division in the European Union into the members, who are able to tackle it and the ones who lost courage. The financial crisis has awaken many Europeans from a luxurious nap showing that affluence and high living standards are something that cannot be taken for granted” – said President Bronisław Komorowski during the Economic Forum in Krynica.  >>> 

Poland closer to nuclear energy

During the Economic Forum in Krynica PGE, KGHM, Enea and Tauron signed a letter of intent concerning purchase of shares in a special purpose company established to build and maintain the first Polish nuclear power plant. >>> 

How is e-communication expected to influence the civil society ? – discussed participants of the Forum in Krynica.

Economic reforms in Europe require civil awareness– concluded participants in the Economic Forum in Krynica. Meanwhile, electronic communication should strengthen the civil society – they recapped. “There is no reason to think that Internet based communication might weaken social bonds or discourage citizens from becoming involved in public affairs. It is quite the opposite: technologies provide completely new tools for stimulating activity and facilitating participation in public life” – said Michał Boni, Minister of Administration and Digitization, as one of participants in the discussion. >>>

Russia wants to join construction of nuclear power plant in Poland

Rosatom wants to take part in the bid for construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland – announced director for management of engineering projects of the concern, Sergey Bojarkin. In his opinion, Poland could also purchase energy from the power plant in Kaliningrad.

Bojarkin, who participated in the 22nd Economic Forum in Krynica, emphasized that if Poland decides to construct its own nuclear power plant, it has to select a location and invest much money in the project. “Al that takes much time, and time is money. Meanwhile the power plant in Kaliningrad will be soon operational and Poland could take advantage of that” – he said adding that Poland could import even 1000 MW of electric energy from the power plant in the Kaliningrad District.

Krynica 2012: Global peace in danger? China relies on cooperation

– China wants to develop and improve its position in the global economy, but not at the expense of other countries. We believe that each party of the global economy can benefit thanks to harmony and cooperation – said Chinese guests during one of the panel debates about the Middle Kingdom during the Economic Forum in Krynica. According to one of the panellists, the world peace is in danger, because countries compete heavily for global sources of energy and deposits of raw materials, especially in the sea. >>>

We still don’t know, how much gas we have

Today, we are unable to say precisely how much gas we could mine in 15-20 years. According to very imprecise estimates the above mentioned amount will be 12-20 billion cubic meters. The actual results depend on the resources and mining possibility. We expect that in 2030  we will dispose of greater amounts of gas than the Polish demand, at least according to the optimistic scenario. Success depends on many factors. The key factors will be the market and cost accounting. Yet, today the government has decisively declared that shale gas has been a priority – said Mikołaj Budzanowski, Minister of State Treasury of Poland during the Economic Forum in Krynica.  >>> 

Polish-Ukrainian relations as one of the topics of this year’s Forum

Referring to Polish-Ukrainian relations, Deputy Prime Minister Valery Choroszkowski emphasized that turnover between the two big countries in the amount of 6 billion US dollars is not satisfactory. – The turnover should be at least doubled – stressed the deputy prime minister of Ukraine.  >>> 

Krynica will be visited this year by more than 2.5 thousand guests – politicians and experts from Europe and the USA

The conference began from discussion about the debt of southern European countries. Participants in the plenary session tried to find a way out and indicate new development directions, which are required in the European Union by the adopted integration model and competition conditions. According to participants in the session, the major role in tackling the economic turbulences should be played by the European Central Bank.

The 22nd Economic Forum in Krynica has already begun

Today is the first day of the 22nd Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdroj. This year the motto of the event is „New visions for difficult times. Europe and world in the face of crisis”. The meeting is attended by presidents, prime ministers, ministers, economists and businessman. A special guest will be the former president Lech Wałęsa. The media partner of this year’s edition is Polish Television. >>> 

I work in order to study, and study in order to work. Beginning work, they already know that they have no chances for a decent pension. Do young Europeans belong to the lost generation?

Young people are accustomed to bad information. They have experienced a crisis of values, political and economic crises. What are their ideas for being successful? Do they think that their situation is positive? – For us, the young generation, the sky is the limit. We can decide how to overcome barriers and develop socially and professionally – denied Anna Moskwa from the European Meeting House during the 22nd Economic Forum in Krynica Zdroj.>>> 

China: hundreds of millions will migrate to cities

China anticipates that in more than one decade, 350 millions of citizens of this country will migrate from rural to urban areas. Chinese experts discussed the anticipated social changes during the Economic Forum in Krynica Górska on Thursday.

The Council President and Director General of the Chinese Centre of Contemporary World Study, Hong Jun Yu, emphasized in his speech during the panel ” yesterday’s and today’s China”, that in connection with the forecasted migration of population, China will have to learn from the West how to administer urban areas.  >>>  

Zygmunt Berdychowski: Polish experience can be a lesson for the EU

Within the recent 20 years, Poland has carried out reforms in the scale, which is unprecedented in comparison to other EU countries. It can be a perfect lesson for our partners from the European Union, how to prepare and realize such reforms – said Zygmunt Berdychowski during an interview with

The biggest companies from the industry will build the first nuclear power plant in Poland

Next week, Polska Grupa Energetyczna PGE will sign an agreement on cooperation with Tauron, Enea and KGHM Polska Miedź at construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland. The project is estimated to be worth approximately PLN 50 million. The start-up of the first nuclear block is planned by PGE in 2023, while the entire nuclear power plant, with the capacity of ca. 3000 MW, is expected to be opened in 2025. The second nuclear power plant, also with the capacity of ca. 3000 MW, is planned to begin operation in 2029. >>> 

Komorowski – the Man of the Year of the Economic Forum

President Bronisław Komorowski received the prize for the Man of the Year 2011, awarded unanimously by the Programme Council of the Economic Forum in Krynica, which began on Tuesday with the motto “New vision for difficult times. Europe and the world in the face of crisis”.>>> 

The economy above all!

Already for the 22nd time, the small spa in the region of Małopolska will host the biggest business forum in Central and Eastern Europe. Between the 4th and the 6th of September 2012, more than 2.9 thousand guests from entire world will discuss not only about economy, but also politics and culture. >>> 

The greatest unknown was a guest from Hungary, Gabor Baranyai, who on behalf of the Hungarian government participated in climate negotiations. And indeed, his statement broke down the elaborate argumentation of the opponents of the package. Baranyai said that from the point of view of Hungary, the package simply does not matter, the cost of its implementation will be negligible, after all the Hungarian energy industry is based on a completely different energy mix in which the key component is an atom.