Mayor of Edinburgh – Frank Ross will be the guest of 5th European Cogress of Local Govenment

The Scottish city of Edinburgh is a partner city of Krakow. The friendship between both their inhabitants and authorities has been known for a very long time and thanks to the 5th European Congress of Local Governments, Professor Jacek Majchrowski and Lord Provost Frank Ross will once again be able to shake hands. The mayor of the Scottish capital will take part in the Plenary Session on the first day of the Congress.

The Mayor of Edinburgh will take part in the plenary session of the 5th European Congress of Local Governments entitled: ‘The role of city diplomacy in great politics’. Today’s global politics is being increasingly shaped by large metropolitan areas thanks to the fact that their councils are more and more active on the international arena. City councillors are now willing to push for developing cross-city networks and joint projects, sharing information, establishing cooperation agreements, influencing national and international policies, providing development aid, assisting refugees. Metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, New York and London have economies as big as Canadian, Spanish or Swedish GDP. It is therefore clear that cities are now becoming more important than ever.

Frank Ross holds the positions of the Lord Provost and Lord Lieutenant of Edinburgh and is the head of civil authority in the city. He has been a member of the city council since 2012 and was a leader of the SNP group, the Scottish National Party. An economist by education, for more than three years he chaired the Municipal Commission for Economics. Frank has worked at senior management level in a number of blue-chip Scottish companies such as Racal, Chubb, Tomkins and Motherwell Bridge. Born in London, privately a fan of the Hearts of Midlothian football team.

The city of Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since 1437. The Scottish Parliament has been meeting in Holyrood since 1999. It is Scotland’s second largest city and a major academic centre. It currently has four universities all headed by the University of Edinburgh, founded in 1582.

But Edinburgh is not only about history and tradition. Today, the city is the European capital of culture and art. It is here that the world-famous Edinburgh Festival takes place, as well as the Fringe Theatre Festival.

The Scottish capital is a powerhouse of the Scottish economy and the UK economy in general. It is one of the richest cities in this part of the country and has the strongest economy of all UK cities except London. It is also the second largest financial centre in the UK. Edinburgh has been a banking centre for over 300 years, and it was here that the Bank of Scotland was founded in 1695.

The University of Edinburgh has the largest and longest-running IT research group in the UK. It is the driving force behind the rapid growth of IT companies established in the Scottish capital – over the last 10 years the city has seen a significant increase in the number of software companies in the city and now there are over 100 of them. Nearly 20,000 inhabitants of Edinburgh now work in digital companies.