Local products on the international market – an asset for the domestic industry?

During the 4th Industry Forum, which will take place in Karpacz on December 12-14, one of the topics discussed in the discussion panels will be the presence of local products on the international market and their importance for domestic industry.

Typicaly, local specialties and traditional clothing patterns specific to a given region are becoming more and more popular, not only on the domestic market, but also among foreign buyers. Thus, local products become present on the international market, in which they are increasingly successful.

It is worth quoting examples of such products known today all over the world as: Italian cheese Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino, Spanish wine Rioja, ceramics from Bolesławiec or Polish cheese oscypek?

Is it possible that local products will be an important element of industry and an additional asset in the development of the national economy? Does each region have a chance to effectively promote and sell its characteristic products? The participants of this panel will try to answer these and other questions.