Keep up with “Economic Forum – Forum Ekonomiczne” application!

The guests of 26th Economic Forum in Krynica (September 6-8) are invited to use “Economic Forum – Forum Ekonomiczne” mobile application.

The user-friendly application allows you to monitor all the conference events on mobile devices /phones, tablets/. Thanks to this application the participants will have access to Forum’s Program and the List of the Guests.

The built-in map helps you find the right meeting room and offers direct access to Economic Forum participants direct mailing enabling effective communication with the conference participants.

The application was prepared by Miquido – Partner of 26th Economic Forum in Krynica. Bilingual (Polish-English) application “Economic Forum – Forum Ekonomiczne” can be downloaded free on mobile devices using the operating systems iOS and Android (please click to be moveed to the appropriate store).

You are welcome to try our app out.