Kaj Suomela – the Governor of the Finnish region Ostrobotnia in Krakow on energy hubs

Kaj Suomela, Governor of the Finnish region of Ostrobotnia, has confirmed his participation in the European Congress of Local Governments to be held in Krakow on 8 and 9 April 2019.

The Finnish local government activist has been in office since 2017. He has been elected by the Regional Council for a five-year term. Kaj Suomela had previously held the position of General Director of the Ostrobotnia Centre for Economics, Transport and Environment. The Governor holds a Master’s degree in agriculture and forestry.

The Ostrobotnia region is located in western Finland on the Gulf of Bothnia. The central centre of the region is the city of Vaasa, founded by King Charles IX of Sweden.  Although in the city itself most of the inhabitants speak Finnish, it is interesting to note that more than half of the region speaks Swedish. Most of the municipalities officially use both Finnish and Swedish.

Today, the region is primarily one of the most important energy hubs on the Scandinavian Peninsula. EnergyVaasa is a highly advanced energy cluster in which 90 % of all Finnish research and development investments are invested. This has created 1400 new jobs. The total number of employees reaches eleven thousand. The cluster is also of great importance for the Finnish economy. It constitutes a fourth part of the whole energy sector in Finland. In EnergyVaasa there are 140 companies with an annual turnover of 4.4 billion euros.

Kaj Suomela will take part in the panel discussion “Clusters of energy as a stimulus for local and regional development”, where, together with other participants, will discuss the most important benefits resulting from the functioning of energy hubs.