Is Future Going to be Sunny? The Solar Energy Market Outlook

During the debate about the solar energy, guests of the 3rd Industry Forum will try to answer the question what the future of the solar energy market is going to be?

The discussion panel Is Future Going to be Sunny? The Solar Energy Market Outlook is going to be held on the second day of the conference in Karpacz. Its participants will reflect on how to overcome the dominance of conventional energy resources, cope with two-stage energy market regulation, and strengthen the position of solar energy, despite its seasonality and high costs of photovoltaic systems installation. They will also explain how to use resources in which the biggest reserves of energy are located in order to comply to the European Union’s indications included in the 2020 climate & energy package, i.e. reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions, usage of the renewables and improvement of the energy efficiency.

The following guests will take part in the debate:

  • Andres Meesak, President, Estonian Solar Energy Association, Estonia
  • Natalie Bennett, Former Party Leader, Green Party of England and Wales, United Kingdom
  • Piotr Holubowicz, CEO, SEEDIA Sp. z o.o., Poland
  • Michal Skorupa, Chief of Photovoltaic Project/ Steering Committee Member, innogy Polska S.A., Poland
  • Jacek Rynski, Managing Director, Polski Solar Sp. z o.o., Poland
  • Jan Lacko, Executive Committee Member, Slovak Association of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Industry (SAPI), Slovakia

The discussion will be hosted by Wojciech Jakobik, Editor-in-Chief of the