Inteview with Luca Steinmann, who documented COVID-19 crisis in hospitals in Northern Italy

In the first part of the interview, Luca Steinmann talks about the current situation in Italy, describes everyday problems and lists restrictions that are most troublesome for Italians.

I often hear people saying: “if I don’t die of coronavirus, I’ll starve to death.”

Steinmann covers political subjects as well: the conflict between the authorities of Lombardy and the central government and the fears that the epidemic can be used for the pursuit of political goals.

The most moving part of the interview is undoubtedly the story of healthcare crisis in Seriana, province of Bergamo. During the most difficult time in March, Steinmann assisted the paramedics team. He recolects

constant, endless trips to the people in need and descibes the tragedy of families, who have seen their relatives for the last time when an ambulance was taking them.



Subtitles available in English and Polish.