Inteview with Gigi Donelli, Editor-in-chief of the Radio24 | Il Sole 24 Ore

We invite you to watch an interview with Gigi Donelli, Editor-in-chief of Radio24IlSole24Ore, who describes the current life in heavily affected by pandemic Milan.

What we see today is certainly a great desire to restart all activities. First of all, Italy is not a closed country with the rigor of staying at home, as some might think. Around us, in the centre of Milan, shops, restaurants and bars are reopening.

Donelli also points out that one of the reasons that have led to such a dramatic situation in Italy in recent months is the very long average age of the inhabitants of the Apennine peninsula and, as we know, it is the elderly who most often fall victim to coronavirus.

In a video specially recorded for us, the journalist warns that the crisis caused by Covid-19 may soon be a serious threat to Italian tourism.

In Italy, 5 million people work in the tourism sector. More than 50%, more precisely 53% of the profit in tourism comes from foreign tourists. So you can only imagine the unthinkable consequences of further closure of the country would have.


Subtitles available in English and Polish.