Innovations Forum (2010)
Rzeszów 7-8 September 2010



Programme guidelines:
The Innovations Forum of the Economic Forum is organized for the first time as an accompanying event of the Economic Forum. 
Intention of the organizers is to start an initiative, which will gather selected entrepreneurs from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, representatives of government and parliaments, who are responsible for implementing and promoting development of technology and innovations in Central Europe.
This meeting will, on the one hand, represent an attempt to summarize previous actions aimed at management of innovation process in global dimension, and, on the other hand, it will demonstrate chances for development and activity of individual regions, companies and organizational units within the scope of introducing innovations and fostering economic growth.

Initial guidelines 
Date:7-8 September 2010.
Place: Rzeszów
Number of participants: 200 persons 
Number of panellists: approx. 30 persons

Planned programme:
7 September:

  • 15:00-16.00 Opening plenary session
  • 16.00-16.30 coffee break
  • 16.30-17.30 panel
  • 17.30-17.45 coffee break
  • 17.45-18.45 panel
  • 19.00 lecture by a special guest
  • 20.00 formal concert

8 September

  • 9.00-10.30 panel
  • 10.30-10.45 break
  • 10.45-11.45 panel
  • 12.00 conclusion

Discussion will centre around a few basic topics:

  1. Innovations as the key for development
  2. Will a modern sector of communication and IT technologies emerge in Central and Eastern Europe?
  3. Energy security and innovations
  4. How far public procurement facilitates development of innovativeness
  5. New products and technologies in aviation and space industry. Consequences for the economy.
  6. In search of new economic advantages in Central and Eastern Europe?

Main Partner of Innovations Forum