3rd Industry Forum: about the Labour Market and Vocational Training in Poland and Europe

Can a vocational training influence the economic growth and creation of new jobs? What are the emotional and social needs of employees in the 21st century? How does the labour migration of Ukrainians influence the Polish economy? These labour market-related issues will be discussed during the 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz (December 8-10, 2017).

In recent years the interest for dual-education systems combining apprenticeships in a company with formal schooling has been increasing. But can the dual-education serve as a model to reduce unemployment in Europe? Is it worth adopting across Europe or are there other approaches leading to a structural reform of the labour market to get people into jobs long-term? The participants of the debate entitled “Vocational Training as a Pillar of Economic Growth” will try to answer these questions.

In recent years the new economy, chaotically capitalist and ever-striving for costs reduction, has failed to acknowledge emotional and existential needs of its workforce. As a result the “one job for life” model is in retreat, because the employees are not interested in being just a well-oiled cog in a huge machine. Increasingly often they fall victim to early burnout or even depression. Industry is one of those branches of the economy, which are most exposed to such phenomena. Can “a job at a factory” be still attractive for people in the 21st century? These are the issues which will be discussed by the guests of the panel “Strong Industry Needs Good Workforce – Strategies for Modern Work Environments”.

Over the past two years, the number of foreigners working in Poland has increased fivefold – they are mainly from Ukraine. Every sixth company already employs Ukrainians, and every second is going to do so. The reason is simple – almost all branches of industry are suffering labour shortages. Will Polish economy maintain its dynamics thanks to our neighbors from the East? How to go through the process of recruiting foreigners smoothly? The panellists will analyse it during the panel discussion  “Workers from Ukraine – a Recipe for Staffing Gaps in Industry?”

The 3rd Industry Forum in Karpacz will host nearly 700 participants: small and medium businesses, both from Poland and abroad, public administration representatives, journalists and experts.

It is organised by the Institute for Eastern Studies – best known for its annual Krynica Economic Forum. Its host town is Karpacz and the main partner is the Lower Silesian Voivodship.