Franz Wolf in Cracow about imigrants

Franz Wolf, one of Austria’s most important experts and director of the Austrian Integration Fund, confirmed his participation in the 5th European Congress of Local Governments.

Wolf will take part in the discussion panel: “Integration of migrants – how do cities and regions deal with it?” The issue of integration of migrants remains a very important and topical issue for the representatives of European self-governments. In the face of the migration crisis, many cities and regions are facing the challenge of successful integration of newcomers. Both social and economic aspects are equally important here. On the one hand, we can see the model example of the Italian town of Riace, while on the other hand, we hear increasingly loud voices in today’s Europe to stop accepting immigrants and refugees any more. How does the integration of migrants take place in different European countries? How do cities and regions deal with it?

The discussion, in which Martin Tulit, Advisor in the Ministry of the Interior (Estonia), Vladimir Cucić Refugee Commissioner (Serbia), Alessaandro Ingaria, Mayor of Priero Municipality (Italy) confirmed their participation, will be moderated by Tomasz Sieniow, President of the Board of the Foundation Institute for the Rule of Law (Poland)

The Austrian Integration Fund (Der Österreichische Integrationsfonds -ÖIF) is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ÖIF was founded in 1960 by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BM.I) under the name “United Nations Refugee Fund”. The 1956 Hungarian crisis and the ensuing wave of refugees have clearly shown that Austria needs an adequate institutional framework for the care of refugees.

After being separated from the Federal Ministry of the Interior in 1991, 2002 was a milestone in the history of ÖIF. Since then, ÖIF’s business profile has been systematically expanded and ÖIF has since been jointly responsible for the implementation of the Integration Agreement. The Fund is responsible for the integration of immigrants and we are based in seven Austrian cities. Every year it awards journalistic prizes for its commitment to the benefit of migrants. Through integration centres in Vienna, St. Pölten, Eisenstadt, Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck and Bregenz, as well as mobile advisory centres in the municipalities, ÖIF supports refugees and immigrants in the integration process in Austria with advice and information.