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Expert’s commentary: Impact of Covid-19 on Education in the Czech Republic

Distance learning through digital technologies is possible, in some cases motivate students even more and improve their abilities to use those technologies not only for personal entertainment

Inteview with Gigi Donelli, Editor-in-chief of the Radio24 | Il Sole 24 Ore

In Italy, 5 million people work in the tourism sector. More than 50%, more precisely 53% of the profit in tourism comes from foreign tourists.

Inteview with Gordana Čomić, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia [video]

We must build-up another world, other societies with healthcare that will be prepared for the next pandemic.

The largest decrease in car sales in Spain over the past 20 years

Car dealers in Spain closed their operations in April due to restrictive measures taken by the government in order to reduce the coronavirus crisis. This has caused the largest decrease in car sales over the past 20 years.

Zasavje in Slovenia: Great Potential Hidden in a Small Gem

From the historical point of view, one can find numerous events, where people of Zasavje were forced to stand together. Miners' strikes and uprisings always had the same purposes – justice, gain and respect of human rights.

Inteview with Luca Steinmann, who documented COVID-19 crisis in hospitals in Northern Italy [video]

I often hear people saying: "if I don't die of coronavirus, I'll starve to death."

Expert’s commentary: coronavirus in Croatia and European Union

Unia Europejska nie była przygotowana do zareagowania w sposób skoordynowany i na czas na globalne zagrożenie. Problemem jest też wysoki poziom zależności UE od importu z Chin.

Expert’s commentary: coronavirus in Romania

Romania is the country, from South-Eastern Europe (except Turkey), the most severely hit by the pandemic.

“Open Market” – Ukrainian initiative which aims to help agri-food producers

Open Market platform ( enables farmers to directly contact their customers online in the times of epidemic, when markets are closed.

Report from Italy: the fight against coronavirus continues

However, the emergency is still ongoing, so revival of the country is subject to the adoption of many precautions, such as physical distance and the adoption of safety devices (masks and gloves).

Color4Action – Art versus Coronavirus

More than 40 street artists together against Covid19