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Ostrava University in the Time of Covid: Challenges and Opportunities

After the abrupt changes in all the walks of university life in March and after months of adjusting university policies to keep to our mission and meet the needs of our students, academics, and staff we have been recently reflecting on the experience to translate it into the new strategic plan, which is now in the making. The challenges we have been facing need to be turned into opportunities: here are some of the points the covid experience has revealed or confirmed as priorities for the next period.

COVID-19 and Foreign Investments – The Czech Perspective

One of the main phenomena closely related to the COVID-19 pandemic that we are watching almost in real time is that global supply chains are being reshaped and reorganised. The COVID-19 pandemic was certainly one of the causes and the main trigger of this event.

Summary of the Festival of Polish Historical Movies

We would like to thank all of the viewers for participation on the Festival! We hope you enjoyed the movies and had a great occasion to better understand the history of Poland in the 20th century. We believe that further cooperation between Poland and Hungary cannot take place without knowing each other and each other's past.

Caucasus. Hot November 2020

The lack of power (or dual power) in competing countries is the best time for Kremlin strategists to develop plans for hybrid wars. Voter counting and lawsuits after the U.S. presidental elections may stretch over time like the Boston Marathon. So what can we expect from Moscow?

Ukraine a key to Europe’s energy security – US-Polish-Ukrainian LNG/natural gas trading platform

On August 31st 2019 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Warsaw to strengthen gas security in the region through LNG supplies from the US via Polish and Ukrainian infrastructure. This formal document may lay the foundations for developing a new natural gas trading market in Europe.

Coronavirus or coronacrisis: from what should the world be treated?

This is the first time in modern history that a biological factor has made a great impact on social life and has a powerful impact on legal and political, economic and social affairs, interstate relations and lifestyle.

Greek local authorities fighting coronavirus

Our entire family got Covid-19. We had numerous symptoms, such as persistent chest pain, breathlessness, fever, chills, joint and muscle pain, throat pain, nausea, dizziness, and kidney pain, and we were mostly bed-ridden for two entire months.

Culture Is a Route to Community

We would like to invite our Hungarian guests and partners to join us at the Festival of Polish Historical Movies, which will be held online between December 10-18th.

Romanian Secretary of State at the Ministry of European Funds among the speakers of the upcoming European Congress for Local Governments Online

Adrian Mariciuc, Secretary of State at the Romanian Ministry of European Funds will contribute as a speaker to the panel session Cooperation in CEE Region – The Role of Regions in Building Mutual Relations, which will be held Wednesday, the 9th of December.

The collective success story of Ukrainians through the unification in planting of trees

October 17, 2020 entered the history of Ukraine as a day of creating a collective history of success of Ukrainians. This is the day when all regions could unite to preserve the country’s ecosystem and plant over 1,000,000 trees in one day.

To overcome the EU’s linguistic crisis, we need a Minority SafePack

Poland and Hungary have proven throughout history, that we may count on one another, especially in the most difficult of times. Together, with Minority SafePack, we can overcome the linguistic crisis of our European Union - Dénes András Nagy, EUstrat