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We are now in the next phase of our fight against the pandemic. Recent weeks have outlined the nature of changes taking place in our lives in the economic, social and health areas. In order to make the right decisions at a time of increased uncertainty, it is particularly important to remain flexible and able to address the situation in other countries affected by the pandemic and the actions taken to limit its impact. Although the Covid-19 crisis affects us all similarly, there can be many ways to respond to it.

Coronavirus in Europe

The Regional Chamber of Commerce in Karlovy Vary Helps Entrepreneurs During the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Epidemics

The specificities in the region are that the damages have structural nature, since services and mining industry are dominant in the region. It is the mining industry that has been declining and a hundred of miners were made redundant during the ongoing economic crisis.

A Renewed Focus on Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Sector

Ukraine is the eighth country in the world in terms of nuclear power plant capacity. The country is now in the process of repairing, modernising and finding new technologies to meet the electricity demand.

Public Procurement Challenges During Covid 19 Pandemic Situation- Albanian Approach

Public procurement was one of the areas which was immediately affected by Covid 19 Pandemic and had to face the new reality.

Slovak National Theatre – Challenges Associated with COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic hit the Slovak National Theatre during celebrations of its 100th anniversary, one of the most significant and long-awaited events. It was supposed to be a season of various types of performances, several premieres and cooperation with many eminent personalities.

The Future of Europe in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic – a View from Germany

The year 2021 is shaping up to become a decisive year in the fight of the Covd-19 pandemic both in view of its health-related as well regarding its economy-related effects. The measures which the EU and its members states have taken in 2020 present an optimistic foundation regarding health competences, economic aid and the respect for the EU’s fundamental rights.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies Serving for “Smart Cities”

Technologies developed on the basis of artificial intelligence are widely used for the needs of "smart cities": starting with traffic handling (such as in Barcelona or London) and ending with a comprehensive management system of the city's infrastructure (e.g. Seoul).

Ostrava University in the Time of Covid: Challenges and Opportunities

After the abrupt changes in all the walks of university life in March and after months of adjusting university policies to keep to our mission and meet the needs of our students, academics, and staff we have been recently reflecting on the experience to translate it into the new strategic plan, which is now in the making. The challenges we have been facing need to be turned into opportunities: here are some of the points the covid experience has revealed or confirmed as priorities for the next period.

COVID-19 and Foreign Investments – The Czech Perspective

One of the main phenomena closely related to the COVID-19 pandemic that we are watching almost in real time is that global supply chains are being reshaped and reorganised. The COVID-19 pandemic was certainly one of the causes and the main trigger of this event.

Summary of the Festival of Polish Historical Movies

We would like to thank all of the viewers for participation on the Festival! We hope you enjoyed the movies and had a great occasion to better understand the history of Poland in the 20th century. We believe that further cooperation between Poland and Hungary cannot take place without knowing each other and each other's past.

Caucasus. Hot November 2020

The lack of power (or dual power) in competing countries is the best time for Kremlin strategists to develop plans for hybrid wars. Voter counting and lawsuits after the U.S. presidental elections may stretch over time like the Boston Marathon. So what can we expect from Moscow?

Ukraine a key to Europe’s energy security – US-Polish-Ukrainian LNG/natural gas trading platform

On August 31st 2019 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Warsaw to strengthen gas security in the region through LNG supplies from the US via Polish and Ukrainian infrastructure. This formal document may lay the foundations for developing a new natural gas trading market in Europe.