Fellow Citizens, Come Home! How to Aid Accomodating Homecoming Expats and Migrant Workers?

Challenges related to the long-awaited perspective of the homecoming of Poles who, in recent decades, have gone abroad searching for a better work and a more prosperous life, are going to be debated during the upcoming Industry Forum in Karpacz.

Research shows that the vast majority of people who left the country for economic reasons, after the opening of labor markets by wealthier Western countries, are thinking about coming back home.

There are at least several reasons behind this. On one hand, the overall situation in Poland is improving: unemployment has been constantly  falling, wages are rising and the country’s economic growth rate is among the highest in Europe. On the other hand, the West has been stagnating for some years,  it appears to be a less and less safe place to live. There are still uncertainties about what will happen to situation of foreigners in Great Britain after Brexit, where a huge number of Poles live.

The decision to return home is not always easy and trouble-free. It often requires the need to lower income expectations, to renew untied social and professional relations. If there are children involved, there’s also issues regarding education. What can governments, local governments and local communities do to help their compatriots in the process of readaptation?