ICE Kraków Congress Centre
3rd European Congress of Local Governments
The 3rd Edition of the European Congress of Local Governments gets underway in Krakow
How to Effectively Prevent Corruption - from the Perspective of the Management and Supervisory Units of Local Government?
Unexploited Potential of Silver Economy
New Tools in the EU Cohesion Policy
Local Government as a Community of Free People. What Needs and Needs Not to Be Changed in the Workings of Polish Local Governments
The Influence of FDIs on Regional Development
Is Local Patriotism Profitable?
How to Build and Successfully Implement a Good Regional Promotion Strategy?
Global Changes Facing Europe and Local Governments in the 21st Century
Polish Peasants Party’s (PSL) Concept for Local Government
The Impact of Infrastructure Investments on the Regional Economy Development
Personnel Training for a Modern Economy. The Implementation of Education Reform
Why Is Local Government’s Investment So Important for a Country’s Development?
Local Government in Face of Natural Disasters. How to React Effectively?
Economic Zones - New Challenges for Local and Regional Authorities
Film Industry as a Factor in the Development and Promotion of Cities
The 2016 Local Government Leader Awards Ceremony
Creative Regions: Challenges and Opportunities
How to Depoliticise Local Governments - Kukiz’15 Party Programme
Intelligent Regions and Cities - from Vision to Strategy
What Makes Local Media?
How to Improve the Efficiency of Energy Use in the Buildings – Challenge for the Self-Governance
Migration Crisis and its Influence on Labor Market
Business Tourism as a Factor for Local Development
The Plenary Session - Bridging Development Gaps Between Regions Through Solidarity and Fiscal Redistribution