Europe of the Carpathians 2018

During the Economic Forum in Krynica there can’t miss discussion about important issues related to the Carpathian region. Guests will discuss international, local or social cooperation.


5-6 September 2018



Nowy Dom Zdrojowy, Karpaty Room


The conference Europe of the Carpathians is organised by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland as part of the Krynica Economic Forum.


1st Day

  • Opening Plenary Session of the Economic Forum
  • Discussion Panels of the Conference Europe of the Carpathians
  • Gala

2nd Day

  • Plenary Session
  • Discussion Panels of the Conference Europe of the Carpathians
  • Closing

Discussion panels of the Conference Europe of the Carpathians:

  • Europe’s Neighbors or the Neighbors in Europe?
  • “Three Seas – One Region “- Cooperation Between European Countries
  • Infrastructure of Europe of the Carpathians under Reconstruction
  • The Carpathians’ Quiet Polonyny – how to assure political security in Europe of the Carpathians?
  • The Eastern Shield of the Atlantic Alliance
  • How to Support the Family? A new dimension of family policy in Europe of the Carpathians
  • Europe of the Carpathians – in Search of a Recipe for Success
  • In Paths of the Sages – Collegium Carpathicum
  • Growth in the Carpathians – Growth Around the Carpathians
  • “Quo Vadis, Europe?” – Directions of Europe’s Development and the Future of the European Union
  • Europe of the Carpathians – the Heritage of Many cultures – Christian Foundations
  • The Carpathian Oikouménē – how to save it for future generations?


politicians, scientists, experts, analysts and local government representatives, mostly from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe