EU funding post 2020 for Innovation, Creativity and Intellectual Property

History is made by great ideas and great innovators. As a new invention comes to light, the first thing to do is to know how to fund it; the second is to find the best way to protect it in order to keep innovate. Intellectual Property is the key to protect innovation and creativity. EU Funds is the treasure to “hunt”.

Protect intellectual property is critical for success, still many SMEs and startups don’t do it. Why? Most of them don’t know the long-term advantages of Intellectual Property, or consider this to be a large firms matter. They’re wrong.
What are the best strategies to bring intellectual property to the market? How to incentivise companies to register patents and use their value to boost innovation? What actions and investments have to be funded to improve awareness of the importance to protect innovation and creativity? Are the financial resources for innovation in EU budget 2021-2027 sufficient to fight global competition? And how can EU budget post 2020 help innovation and creativity?
During this year’s Economic Forum in Krynica, these 5 questions will be at the heart of the discussion panel EU funding post 2020 for Innovation, Creativity and Intellectual Property. The debate will be moderated by Andrea Gallo, publisher of Italian online media, the source of informations about european and international funds, projects and investments.

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