ECoLG Online – Workshops ‘Purchasing Groups. In Search of Efficiency’

The European Congress of Local Governments online provides not only discussions, but also a practical approach to issues important for local government.

Public procurement is a local government’s everyday life. The workshops will introduce the idea of creating purchasing groups, focusing on the accumulated experience of the functioning groups and the benefits resulting from them. They will be led by an expert from the Metropolis GZM.

Workshops – Purchasing Groups. In search of efficiency – will concern the creation of purchasing groups and the benefits of this model of cooperation.

A purchasing group is an association of entities which, aggregating their demand, make purchases through one organization in order to achieve economies of scale, stronger market position and better commercial conditions. The functioning of purchasing groups is based on the mechanism of obtaining better prices, with larger volumes, which is an important added value for all their participants.

Benefits can be identified on different levels: operational and management. These include, among others, lower costs of purchasing materials and services, lower operating costs associated with the functioning of procurement departments – the activities of the purchasing process are carried out by one entity, or the transfer and access to specialized knowledge.

During the workshop, examples of purchasing groups in public administration will be presented, as well as measurable effects obtained as a result of their creation and functioning.

What other benefits can this form of cooperation bring to local governments? Where to start? These and other questions will be answered during the workshops.

The workshops will be held on 9 December.

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