Drought as a problem of the future – how to prevent it?

During the economic globalization, the country’s food self-sufficiency is understood as the capacity of the entire economy to cover domestic food demand. Food self-sufficiency can be threatened by drought.

Climate changes is a big problem for the whole world. One of their negative consequences is drought, which is increasingly affecting regions of the world that have never faced this problem before. Drought and lack of water will require huge investments for measures that will be aimed at preventing or minimizing its negative effects. Are global governments prepared for drought?

Drought and lack of water in various regions of the world bring great problems, not only economic but also social. One of the basic tasks of states is to take care of the needs of citizens. Results of drought be higher food prices, which can lead to starvation of the least-wagered part of society, and is associated with the risk of social unrest. What are the plans to prevent the darkest scenarios? We invite you to Karpacz! We will talk about this during the 4th Industry Forum.