Discussing safety and security during the 5th European Congress of Local Governments

Will Smart City also be safe? – During our Cracow-based 5th European Congress of Local Governments next month our guest are going to have a chance to discus ways in which comfort and security can be ensured in the cities of the future.

The discussion panel dedicated to this issue will consist of representatives from different organisations and backgrounds – broadening the scope of how the issue will be approached. The panelists will include fascinating speakers such as Retired General Mieczyslaw Bieniek, Alen Delic (Vice-Chairman of the Croatian Association of Security Managers), Rafal Magrys (Vice-Chair of Exatel), Adburashid Jafasow (Director of Innovations Department at the Kalingrad Technical University) as well as Tadeusz Krzakowski – the mayor of a Polish city of Legnica.

Smart City is a city where citizens’ needs are fulfilled with the use of sustainable resources and innovative technologies. The care about the environment and the comfort of living are always prioritised thanks to the systematic introduction of innovative technical solutions such as electric public transport, use of renewable energy and the digitalisation of everyday life.

Nevertheless, on top of just comfort it is now becoming increasingly crucial to also provide safety and security to the citizens of the cities of the future. This relates not only to ‘standard’ crimes that most of todays’ major cities struggle with but also its new forms –exclusively related to the Smart Cities.

Information systems, that usually hold all critical data of smart cities’ inhabitants are now becoming an increasingly interesting target for various cybercriminals and hackers. Such system apart from holding our data also control the critical infrastructure of many cities such as traffic lights, access to electric power grids, CCTV and cellular network transmitters. However all of these strategically important assets of modern Smart Cities can potentially fall victim to terrorist organisations and hackers aiming at stealing data and selling it afterwards.  How can cities’ information systems be secured? How to build a safe Smart City from the scratch? How to prevent cybercriminals and terrorists from attacking it?