Discussing Brexit at the 27th Economic Forum in Krynica

The general election in the United Kingdom is a good opportunity to announce one of the first panels scheduled for this year’s Economic Forum. The topic of the fast-approaching British departure from the European Union will be addressed during the discussion panel entitled ‘Brexit – a Real Plan or a Skydive without a Parachute?’.

March 2017 saw events, which commentators deemed unimaginable just 12 months prior. The government in London officially triggered the procedure of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. As Prime Minister Theresa May declared, even in case of no deal with the 27 EU member states, the country will simply return to WTO arbitration rules in its relation with the continent. What does hard Brexit mean for the world? How did it happen? Can it still be averted before 2019? Is the Conservative cabinet in control of the process, or has it entered a game which is beyond its grasp?

Those questions will be answered by the following preliminary confirmed speakers: Roger Casale, Founder and CEO of New Europeans; Stephen Gethins, Member of Parliament and Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Europe) at the House of Commons; Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar; Adriana Cerretelli, Journalist at Il Sole 24 Ore; Zdeslav Šantić, Chief Economist at Societe Generale Splitska Banka in Croatia, Przemysław Rosiak, Partner Associate KPMG.

A special commentary by the Open Europe think-tank is planed ahead of the panel and it will be given by Pieter Cleppe, the organisation’s representative in Brussels.