Development aid as a tool of the Eastern Partnership at the regional level

The Podkarpackie Voivodship has been involved in development cooperation in the Eastern Partnership countries for several years, which is reflected in the implementation, since 2016, together with a Ukrainian partner, of projects under the Polish Development Assistance competition announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The goal of the actions taken is to increase the level of safety by increasing the operational capacity of emergency services in Ukraine, in particular in mountainous areas. The panel will be a summary of the many years of cooperation to date, as well as the opportunity to start discussions on new directions of cooperation, and will also allow to look at the multifaceted importance of development cooperation in the area of ​​the Eastern Partnership not only from the perspective of beneficiaries, but also entities providing this assistance to partners from Ukraine.

Why this area is so important for both countries (Poland and Ukraine)? They are working to improve the rescue services and emergency services on a high level. They have agreement of cooperation, colaboration. There are more polish tourist in the Carpathian region year by year to discover the area and know the the culture. But this higher number of tourist need more emergency services. In the last 5 years they have noticed that the tourist from Ukraine and from Poland are growing. So they have to do extremly good job in this services. They have good and close collaborate together.

They are organizing traning by the emergency scenarios. In the mountains they organize special mountain rescue traning also with good equipments. There are a lot of proffesional mountain rescue employee in the departments. They take part international project includes dramatic situation. They have creatied rescue department on 2000m up to sea level which is very neccessary to react for the fast emergency situation.

In term of rescue services they can reakt as fast as they can and supply the injured. Unfortunatelly there are a lot of hiking accident by the tourist. But thanks to the involved support from the local goverment, council of Ukrain and Lublin the coopertion is improwing. And they can taking care of the hurted tourist very fast.

The fire department from Ukraine have been participate from 2016. From 2016 they are excercising mountain rescue trainings and water rescue trainings. In this year they will do biological, chemicals training also. Very intens the coolaborate between the polish and tha ukrain fire fighters.

The rescue department in financed only by 50% by the local goverment. The qulified ages is important also in this job because the responsibility and the experience can improve the fire fighters brave’s. The knowlidge of the rescue team is really reach by the trainings.

They received a quad in the last year and they can use it efficiently on the sloopes or in the forest. They will be able to improve the employees on a heigh level. So the project is in progress which will put this project on national level. State border is sometimes difficult problem for the rescue team beacause the react time can be longer.

The collaboration is working well beacasue they need to each other so it would be worth to continue the project in the future also. The situation it has changed a bit on the cross boarders between Ukraine and Poland within they experiences they have been doing. But still have to work on the programme.

How to cross the boarders quickly?

They are working on the european safty region because they have to so this is the first point. For example Sweden asked Poland for emergency service so the marshall of the county had to allowe the permission for the emergency situation. Carpathian strategy is going on a good way which also can build the connection between the two countries.