Daniele Frigeri among the Guests of the 28th Economic Forum

Director of Italian CeSPI (Centre for International Politics Studies) will take part in 28th Economic Forum in Krynica. During the Forum Daniele Frigeri will present the most important elemetns of the 6th Report on Financial Inclusion of Migrants in Italy, published this year.

The report, created with the cooperation of the National Observatory on the Financial Inclusion of Migrants (Osservatorio Nazionale sull’Inclusione Finanziaria dei Migranti), CeSPI and the Italian Ministry of the Internal Affaris, contains data about financial situation of migrants in Italy in 2017. It provides informations about different aspects of this phenomenon as: role of banks in migrants integration, insurance system for migrants, informal finances, economic activity of immigrants in Italy. In addition, the report is enriched by data regarding situation of migrants in Germany and Great Britain.

Daniele Frigeri is a director of CeSPI since 2014. In 2010 he also stared to conduct the National Observatory on the Financial Inclusion of Migrants. Member of Italian Working Group on Remittances, for years he has worked for italian bank sector, for example Unicredit Group. Author on numerous publications.