Chairman of the Czech think tank Team 4 Ukraine confirmed his attendance at the Europe-Ukraine Forum

Petr Pojman – Chair of the Czech think tank Team 4 Ukraine – will be a guest of this year’s Europe-Ukraine Forum.

Petr Pojman is a specialist in the field of security, organised crime and analysis of new methods used in the hybrid war. He graduated in international territorial studies as well as Russian and Eastern European studies from the Institute of International Studies at Charles University in Prague. He has visited many foreign universities, carrying out research visits to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. In 2008-2009 he was involved in the humanitarian project Charity ČR, Magdala, which supported victims of human trafficking in the Czech Republic. Since 2010 he has been an independent consultant in the private, public and non-governmental sectors. He cooperates with the OSCE in the field of combating human trafficking. In 2012 he became a founding father of the Czech Society of Criminology  and has been a member of its Commission since 2013. In 2014 he defended his doctoral thesis, which was an extension of his previously published texts. He analysed the problems of organised crime and its connection with politics in Russia and Ukraine. In the same year, he contributed to the reform of the security sector in Ukraine as part of the activities implemented by the Prague Institute for Security Studies. In 2015 he created Team 4 Ukraine, an organisation which supports building of civil society and its transformation in Ukraine. T4U undertakes a multi-level cooperation in the field of security with Ukrainian universities, think tanks, local administrative units and police.

Petr Pojman will share his expert knowledge and experience during the discussion panel – Russian Aggression and Occupation Effects. Aid to Refugees, Reconstruction of War Damages and Restoring Social Ties as well as the Strategic Game: How to Prevent a Humanitarian Crisis? Ukraine and Its Neighbors – an Optimal Plan of Action in the Face of War in the East of Ukraine.