ECoLG Online – Workshops ‘Purchasing Groups. In Search of Efficiency’

Public procurement is a local government's everyday life. The workshops will introduce the idea of creating purchasing groups, focusing on the…

Railway Transport Develops in Lower Silesia

In September and October, contracts for new rolling stock delivery were singed for the total amount of over 255 million PLN (net).

A hit gift for an employee

Lidl Polska offers gift cards with a face value to choose from: 50 PLN, 100 PLN or 200 PLN.

Let’s fix! It’s ecological and economical

More than 50 million tonnes - this is the weight of electrowaste produced by the inhabitants of the Earth each year.

2nd Poland-Hungary Forum – online event

Second part of this year's edition of the Forum will be held online and will focus on strengthening the relations between the two countries, taking…

Debate “Poland-Western Balkans. Together Towards the Future”

Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies invites you to take part in the online debate "Poland-Western Balkans. Together Towards the Future", which…

Project “Polish-Czech Forum. Poland and the Czech Republic Towards the Contemporary Challenges”

Its aim is to develop cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic as well as to exchange experience related to mitigating the effects of the…

Opinion: The Spanish New Normality

This is a dramatic moment for Europe, but also a window of opportunity to rebuild the European project foundations.

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