Opinion: The Spanish New Normality

This is a dramatic moment for Europe, but also a window of opportunity to rebuild the European project foundations.

Polish Press Review

Polish Press Review

Polish Press Review

State Sanitary Inspection in the time of COVID-19

Jarosław Pinkas, Chief Sanitary Inspector: Our Inspection for years has been struggling with underfunding, lack of investment in staff and…

The 9/11 attacks changed the world. COVID-19 will do even more

Jan Dziedziczak, Secretary of State, The Chancellery of the Prime Minister; Government Plenipotentiary for the Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad We…

Europe’s political class on the hook

On the European political scene, in the pandemic times, dominated partisan and regional particularisms. About political parties in different…

Entrepreneurs are looking forward to make their business easier

Adam Abramowicz, Spokesperson for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs: The government did not avoid defects in its financial aid programme for…

15 – 21 June 2020

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