The future of Europe in the eyes of the participants of the 27th Krynica Economic Forum

A record number of participants and accredited journalists, more than 200 thematic panels and special events, heads of state, top members of…

Economic Forum: Poland may become a regional FinTech center

An innovative banking sector is a good starting point for the development of the Polish fintech sector on a European scale.

Krynica-2017: HCV Virus may completely disappear

If more HCV infections were diagnosed, it could be eradicated from our globe in 15 years.

Economic Forum: A Billion Euro from the EIB

Proper agreements have been signed in Krynica by Energa and the government.

How to become a business leader? Polish champions – coverage of the Forum’s session

“Small businesses are to become larger businesses, larger are supposed to continue growing and the largest ones are to conquer the world,” said Prime…

Politics. Serving values or interests? Beata Szydło and Cardinal Dziwisz at the plenary session

The moderator Danuta Holecka from TVP kicked off the discussion with the question “What’s politics?”

What will be the future of democracy and free market economy – the Forum’s plenary session

Stanisław Karczewski, Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Poland said that the subject of migration was particularly important and electrifies…

Krynica-2017: important economic declarations

During the 27th Economic Forum in Krynica many important economic and social declarations were made.

Beata Szydło and Alior Bank awarded The Economic Forum’s awards

Prime Minister Beata Szydło was chosen the “Man of the Year” whereas Alior Bank was chosen the “Company of the Year” at the 27th Economic Forum in…

The Plennary Session “Unfinished integration and the aspirations of European countries”

The President of Poland and leaders of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili and Macedonia, Gorge Ivanov, talked about the future of European integration…

An urgent need for solidarity, i.e. Carpathian Europa suggests a EU reform

The debate about the future of the European Union and the ways of fixing it was the highlight of the second day of discussions and talks during the…

The Plennary Session “Growth Recovery Plan for Europe”

“A truly free flow of services and joint tightening of the tax system will take Europe forward,” argues Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.……