Can industry and the environment go together? Ecological solutions in heavy industry on the agenda of the 4th Industry Forum

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is one of the biggest challenges facing the global community today. Heavy industry especially has a big role to play in this matter. Energy transformation in this sector is both indispensable and not easy. Participants of the 4th Industry Forum in Karpacz will discuss how to use environmentally friendly solutions in the panel “Eco-solutions in heavy industry. Why move away from fossil fuels?”.

Representatives of heavy industry are increasingly assuring that they will gradually move away from fossil fuels in the coming years. An interesting example of such a declaration is the Norwegian Oil Rig in the North Sea, Johan Sverdrup, which has completely given up this form of energy. One of the five largest borehole structures in the world will be powered by land-based electricity.

The Danish and Swedish energy companies declaring to give up coal following the Norwegians. What tangible benefits can the energy transformation bring in heavy industry. The above considerations will constitute the main axis of the discussion, which due to the importance of the topic could not be missing from the program of the Industrial Forum in Karpacz.