BP Group President for Europe will talk about energy resources during the Krynica Economic Forum

Representatives of global energy companies, including BP Europe President Peter Mather, will discuss replacing coal with green energy resources Economic Forum.

The future of the energy sector is one of the most popular topic discussed in Krynica, especially replacing fossil fuels with green energy. The panel “Fair Transformation. Energy Prospects for the Next Decade” will feature eminent practitioners, Peter Mather – President of BP Europe, Filip Grzegorczyk – President of Tauron Polska Energia S. A., Pål Eitrheim – Executive Vice President of Equinor ASA, Mateusz Bonca – President of Lotos Group S.A.

Fossils are one of the cheapest but extremely polluting energy resources. According to a 2018 report by the Jagiellonian Institute, the annual norm of PM2.5 was exceeded in 146 Polish cities, while PM10 – in 35. Moreover, a research by the WHO has shown the harmfulness of dust particles suspended in the air for human health, causing pulmonary inflammation, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and cancer, not to mention nervous system disorders.

Considering the above reports and requirements of the European Union, more and more countries declare replacing coal with ecological energy resources. This change should have place in the next two decades, experts say. Norway is a country which now derives 98% of energy from renewables. Germany announced closing of its last coalmine. But in Poland coal remains the most popular fuel. Available data show the share of coal in the Polish energy mix at 78,2% and the record imports of it in 2018. Although opposition parties support ecological sources of energy, the government prefers to stick to coal. Which way would be the best for Poland, taking into account that Poland has enough coal deposits for decades to come?

Peter Mather has been BP Group Regional President for Europe since April 2010, combining this with his previous role as Country Head UK. He has the overall responsibility for the governance, reputation, co-ordination and integration of all BP’s activities across Europe. Peter has an MA from Oxford and an MBA from INSEAD and is an honorary Fellow of King’s College, London.