Benefit or threat? About advantages and disadvantages of foreign investments during the 13th Europe-Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów

There is no doubt that the influx of foreign capital was one of the main driving forces for economic change that took place in Central and Eastern Europe after the collapse of communism. The labour market, but also infrastructure were a major beneficiaries.

In addition, with the entry of foreign investors, the inhabitants of post-communist countries gained access to goods often not attainable earlier in this part of the Old Continent.  Nor can you forget about a kind of civilisation leap that has been achieved as a result of foreign investment.

The new Ukrainian government has announced accelerating investments. In the previous years, ownership transformations were accompanied by chaos and lack of transparency. In addition, state property often went directly to oligarchs. However, is it possible to state that together with the new authorities, past problems such as oligarchization of economy, corruption, and weakness of legal system as well as the macroeconomic instability and danger of resumption of war in the eastern part of the country? Or maybe foreign investment and privatization do have only positive sides?

Can foreign investment be treated only in a positive light? Do there carry cons alongside the pros? Attempts to assess this ambiguous phenomenon will be made by the participants of the panel discussion entitled “The Effects of Foreign Investments on the Society and Economy. Benefits and Dangers” during the event in Rzeszów.