For eight years now students from the largest Polish universities have been doing internships during the Economic Forum – the largest political and business event in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year among 200 people a group of strong leaders emerges. In order to support them in their future, professional career we have prepared a program called “Forum’s Intern Club”, which aims at developing integration between the  leaders, enabling them to contact each other, exchange information and experience and help them to find internships in companies and institutions, which are partners of the Economic Forum.

Partners of the Economic Forum will have the opportunity to admit the most active students to internships they offer. The Forum’s Intern Club considers and accepts the applications for membership of students recommended by the organizers of the Forum. Such candidates need to be ambitious, have enterprising personality and organizational experience. They also must have significant academic achievements an working knowledge of foreign languages. For students the Forum’s Intern Club is a chance to prove themselves in their preferred work environment and to contact with students from other universities.

“I think the Forum’s Intern Club is a great way to reward the best individuals and complement the experience gained at the Forum. I would like to complete an internship in the marketing department and I hope that this Club shall make it possible. Thousands of people apply for internships advertised by various companies and it’s really hard to get it. Thanks to the Club our chances are much greater.”- Says Agata, an intern during last year’s Forum.

The first edition of the Club starts immediately after the XXII Economic Forum.