A new dimension in logistics. About intelligent supply chains at the 4th Industry Forum

Modern enterprises are increasingly moving beyond the traditional delivery models. The enormity of currently produced goods forces somewhat wider implementation of new solutions in the logistics industry. Discussion on this subject is becoming increasingly widespread and cannot be overlooked in the program of this year’s Industrial Forum.

Contemporary global markets are characterized not only by high competitiveness, but also by dynamic changes generated by technological progress and digitization. One of the key elements of building a competitive advantage is the creation of intelligent supply chains using artificial intelligence, blockchain or the Internet of Things. How does changing the logistic model affect companies? Will the new solutions meet the requirements of today’s market competition?

Will we witness an evolution or a revolution in transport? The impact of new technologies on the logistics sector will be discussed by the participants of the panel discussion: Intelligent supply chains. From artificial intelligence to blockchain during the 4th Industry Forum in Karpacz.