A healthy and educated society as the best investment in the future. How to achieve this?

Ensuring good health care and good education should be the priorities of every responsible ruler. Many professionals say that prevention is better than treatment, not to mention that prevention is cheaper for you than alone treatment.

High quality health care and educational centers take into account the needs of the labor market and offer good quality education and a dignified standard of living can be the main arguments for staying young people in the country who are thinking about emigration in search of better living conditions. What can be done to prevent young and educated people from looking at the Western Europe?

According to the Index of Access and Quality of Health Care (HAQ), the best countries in this respect include: Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Andorra. Is it possible to transfer the experience of given countries to healthcare in Poland? The Academic Ranking of the World Universities 2019 does not look good for European universities except for exceptions from Great Britain. The top ten has two British universities (Cambridge and Oxford), the other places have been dominated by universities from the USA. The top 100 world universities include the following European universities: United Kingdom (8 universities), Switzerland (5), Germany (4), Netherlands (4), Sweden (3), France (3), Denmark (2), Belgium (2) , Finland (1) and Russia (1). We cordially invite you to Karpacz!