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    Rzeszów, January 27-28, 2017

    "Opportunities Not To Be Missed" is the motto of 10th Forum Europe - Ukraine. The debates of the Forum will evolve around the key issues of the economic potential of Ukraine, energy security, international relations, the impact of culture and historical memory on the current relations between nations, regional development opportunities and cooperation with partners from Poland and the other European countries.


The Programme of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum (PDF)

We invite you to download the Programme of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum, which will be held in Rzeszow 27-28 January 2017.


The registration to the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum has been closed

Please be kindly informed that the registration and acreditation to the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow (Poland) has been closed. Thank you very much for your interest.


Ukraine’s “Success Trap” by Andreas Umland – the guest of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów

Andreas Umland, M. Phil. (Oxon), Dr. phil., Ph. D. (Cantab), Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation in Kyiv. 


The Discussion about the Education and Academia Reform at the 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum

The panel “How to Save and Rebuild the Human Capital? The Education and Academia Reform” will be moderated by Oleg Vostrykh, president of the Foundation "High School of Professional Politics" from Ukraine.


Peter Wagner, Head of the Support Group for Ukraine at the European Commission will be a guest of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum

The Support Group for Ukraine was established by decision of the President of the European Commission in April 2014. Its role is to support Ukraine in the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU and of the Association Agenda which stems from it.


The Speaker of the Polish Senat will be the guest of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum

Stanislaw Karczewski is a frequent visitor to our events. During the last year's Economic Forum in Krynica, he initiated the Polish Diaspora Forum with representatives of state authorities, Polish community and national non-governmental organisations. 


Discussing diplomacy at the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum

The discussion panel „The Global “Game on Ukraine” Goes On. Back to Diplomacy?” will take place on 28th January as part of the International Politics thematic track.

Balla_Mihály_wiki_Elekes Andor

One of the leading politicians of the Hungarian party Fidesz will speak at the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum

Mihaly Balla is Member of the Hungarian Parliament from 1998, Deputy Leader of the FIDESZ Parliamentary Faction, currently Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

bezpieczenstwo 150

Regional security and cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe will be discussed during the upcoming Europe – Ukraine Forum

The panel “Central and Eastern Europe – In Search for Regional Security and Cooperation” will host several important figures in European politics and renowned experts in security issues. 

Markus Klingler

Agriculture Team Leader in Support Group for Ukraine, European Commission, among the guests of the Europe-Ukraine Forum

Markus Klingler has an economic and legal background and has specialised on EU and international trade policy and food law.


The Baltic and the Visegrad Countries Against Russian Aggression in Ukraine – Why Is It Difficult to Achieve Unanimity?

The panel discussion will be held during the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum in Rzeszów.

2016.09 Krynica Gorska Forum Ekonomiczne

German journalist and author Boris Reitschuster will be one of the guests of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum

Boris Reitschuster is one of the most famous critics of Vladimir Putins system. His recent book presents “Putin’s war” was a bestseller in Germany.

Group of People Waving Ukranian Flags in Back Lit

Reforms in Ukraine one of the topics of the 10th Europe – Ukraine Forum in Rzeszow

Do reforms in Ukraine regard only Ukraine or also other European countries? How can the EU member states support Ukraine in the difficult process of transformation? Is the association agreement helpful in accelerating reforms? 


Andrius Kubilius, Former Prime Minister of Lithuania among the guests of the 10th Europe-Ukraine Forum

Lithuanian politician is a frequent participant of our conferences. During the IX Forum Europe-Ukraine in 2016 Andrius Kubilius noted that Ukraine will be successful but it will take some time.

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Guests about the Forum more

Dziurinda Mikulas Dzurinda, Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovakia (2010-2012)
I am delighted that the organizers of the Economic Forum in Krynica - Zdroj have managed to build a tradition of meetings between the representatives of governmental and economic circles of the CEE countries, during which debates related to its political and economic development can take place. The exchange of opinions and experiences on implementing changes, such drastic ones, which we have been carrying out in our countries over recent years, is necessary and crucial for all of us together.

Media about the Forum more

  • euronews115
    Poland should hold a referendum following a public debate on whether it should enter the euro zone”, President Andrzej Duda said in Krynica. “I think that ultimately there should be a referendum on this issue after a thorough debate”, President Duda said.
  • forbes115
    The Economic Forum in Krynica has been an important platform for European debate for 25 years. Nowadays, as the European Union is facing numerous challenges and threats- the discussion on the future of the European community and economy is even much more needed. 
  • BBW_150
    Poland’s politics is in time of upheaval and the business leaders are preparing for a new reality six weeks before elections by wooing the party that plans to impose more taxes on banks and retailers.