During 13th Europe-Ukraine Forum about UE enlargement

During the 13th Europe-Ukraine Forum, which will be held on 4-5 February in Rzeszów, the panellists of the debate Enlargement of the European Union – Still Possible? will discuss the possibilities of further EU enlargement.

The list of the speakers includes e.g.: Gordana Comic, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia, Dirk Hazell, Leader of the EPP of The United Kingdom and Gianluigi Donelli, Editor in Chief of the Italian Radio 24.

The long-term strategy for further enlargement of the EU is increasingly being undermined in leading Western European countries. The large EU Member States want to redefine the European project. In the face of these trends, will the European Union ever again be ready to welcome new Member States? Why is this happening? Will there be an opportunity, and when, to start again discussions on the enlargement of the EU to include the Western Balkans and Eastern European countries?

We cordially invite you to take part in the discussion in Rzeszów!