800 million PLN (179,68 million EUR) for hospitals

Adam Niedzielski – President of the Polish National Health Fund: We have many financial instruments which guarantee the financing the health care by 6% of GDP regardless the current economic situation.



Adam Niedzielski – President of the Polish National Health Fund:

The health care sector has been very well prepared, both to operate during the pandemic and to recover from it. We have financial instruments at our disposal which guarantee that health care financing is at strictly defined level, regardless the economic situation. The increase in financing is determined by the Act of 6 percent of GDP –  what will happen in 2021 will be calculated on the basis of the GDP of 2019, in which we had a very stable situation.

Guaranteed financial stability

The financial stability was ensured by the legal regulations on public expenditure on health care and compensation for lost premiums – the reduction of premium income for the National Health Fund resulting from the amortizations and exemptions made by the Insurance Company in accordance with the regulations is compensated by a subsidy from the state budget. The financing of prevention and combating of COVID-19 does not take place at the cost of benefits paid by the National Health Fund, all the money allocated for the fight against the epidemic come from the state budget. We have transferred nearly 800 million PLN (179,68 million EUR) to hospitals.

COVID-19 has accelerated the development of telemedicine

From the point of view of the National Health Fund, the state of the epidemic did not significantly affect its financial situation. On the other hand, the experience of the epidemic indicated new directions of development, for example, the need to use of telemedicine solutions in health care. The coronavirus epidemic caused the process of computerization and popularization of e-health tools in unprecedented speed. These tools have become necessary and universal. That shows the potential that we have to use. Another sector which requires redefinition is the hospital network. Both the criteria of qualification to the network and the rules for lump sum financing should be change.